Embracing my ambition, version 2.0

Good Morning my delicious strawberries,

I woke up with a burst of doing something, working towards something big. I’m embracing my ambition 100%. This is who I am. It took some time to connect with my ambition. When I hung out with a particular person, it affected me. hurt people hurt and lovely people love. When I see other people continuing and moving forward, I thank God that I moved forward.

I did not delay my journey. Yes there were lots of distractions coming my way, which is fine, I am human after all and that’s the way I learn. When I faced a setback in 2013, which is 4 years ago, that’s where it hit me. I had to fall, to rise up higher than ever before. This ambition is my best friend, this burning desire, inside of me, as long as that is alive, I have me.

There is no ceiling, I can go higher and higher and higher. That’s why I’m on earth. But of  course, with integrity and being human.

I’m already doing charity. Charity means helping. I’m supporting local farmers and always buy there food. Organic.

What charity do I do? I’m supporting local farmers. So yes, I am ambitious, but  version 2.0, keeping humanity in tact. Not just for pure capital gain, but really moving forward to something big.

I do see the bigger picture and thank God for that. Thank God I have this, this is me.



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