Finally, it is happening, I can taste abundance

It’s been a long time, it started from 2013 till 2016. 4 years, to get close to myself. I have indeed worked to get to this state of mind. Abundance.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, that I have entered this state. I have learned a lot. People who comment, or said something, they all were just saying, not doing. I was meanwhile busy doing the work.

I have done the work and now I can taste the fruits of it. I came here in 2011, 6 years later, I can taste the fruits of getting close to myself.

I realized that I was the one who was creating obstacles, stress, panic. Something that ‘society’, ‘parents’ , ‘ people’s comments’ rubbed off on me. I have to detach myself from that. That on it’s own took 6 years. But I got here.

I am so blessed to be with my sister. I am so blessed that I have my parents. I might not be at the same ground with my mother, but she gave me the best father. Absolutely the best father.

My best friend is my father. My best friend is my sister. And I think that I might be on good grounds with my mother soon.

Harmony within my family, that is what I truly wanted. It wasn’t ‘career’, ‘fame’, nothing like that, it was something warm, something beautiful, something grounded. My family.

Rest in my heart. Still working on it more. Rest in my heart.

I trust my guardian angels, they have worked and are working overtime, to get peace in my heart.

I am happy and I deserve this rest, this is a beautiful treat. It’s a beautiful year, it’s a great year. A great start.

Learning to relax more. Take a deep breath, inhale…..exhale.

Thank you God. Have a beautiful evening.


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