That’s it, I’ve made my decision, going for my goal with laser focus

That’s it, I’ve made my decision, going for my goal with laser focus.

I don’t need to justify myself anymore to anyone, not even my parents.

I’m so done. I am here in Los Angeles, to conquer, to build, but more importantly to live here. I love it here. I’m so done with people telling me, why I am not traveling etc. I am traveling, but within the USA. I have seen the world, Dubai, Mauritius, Thailand, etc. top hotels, everything, and I choose Los Angeles. I always wanted to live in a country with palm trees. And I am truly living my dream. I love Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, love it! So much more to explore in USA πŸ™‚

I am already living it. Now I am here to build my own production company, my own office. Something I never imagined owning. But I will. I want to own a company that is build on love, creativity with my sister.

I want to own a family business and I am working towards it. Creating merchandise with love and care.

Here I will meet my life partner, my soulmate, he is also from Europe. I just know intuitively πŸ˜‰

So yes, even if I have to rebel against the world, against my parents, whatever, I am here with a strong purpose, I am here for strong love. I am here for the long run. To win, I might be the last one, but the last will be first πŸ˜‰

I am developing myself, making myself skilled and I love the process of doing business. It’s everything I always wanted. Fancy hotels and restaurants, it’s all here, I love it!

I have worked 5 years for this, and since last year I am tasting the fruits of my patience.

So yes, it’s a beautiful life and I am truly grateful to God πŸ™‚


Thank you God for gifting me creativity and willpower

Hi my lovely blossoms,

It’s better to focus on expanding the love for creativity than focusing on those who are money driven and have no regards for customers nor humanity. I am done doing that. It’s not amounting to anything. I want to use my time efficiently and effectively. I have to be rebellious in this. Even though I loved these people, but I have to focus on my wishes, my desires, manifesting my destiny, feed my soul.

Focusing on the love. I am here to give love, I am love. Everything I do, is all with love, passion and care. With sensitivity and dedication.

I love the fact that I am vulnerable and sensitive. I do feel very loved here in Los Angeles.

There is an Oprah, there is a JK Rowling and there is a me. I want to do things ethically, with love and dedication. I understand now, I see a glimpse of who I really am. I am soft, sweet and love to love. I can create my own eco system of passion, dedication and love. I always knew what I’ve wanted, and I got it. It’s now nurturing it. Sailing the boat. It is possible, I know exactly what direction I am going. Keep creating with love.

I love nature, I love the simple things in life. Some people I love, have changed, turned something else.

It’s fine, I can only focus on myself. I have grown into becoming more myself. Love to play, love nature, palm trees, eating ice cream, all the simple beautiful things life have to offer. Giving hugs to my sister.

Thank you God for everything. I am here not because I want to, but because I am here meant to be. And I love it. I wanted this all along. Never imagined this owning. Thank you God for giving me this beautiful gift, the gift of creativity and willpower. Thank you God, thank you so much!


I am becoming more myself

These past few months, I have worked hard on myself. Really going inside myself, finding out again who I am.

The decisions I’ve made 6 years ago, intuitively, I am now becoming aware of it. I understand now why I went to Los Angeles. I wanted something fresh again, a new fresh breath of air. I worked on body and mind first, now after 6 years I am ready to work on my soul, which is connected to love. I am ready, because I know now who I am.

I thought that he would be the one, but he is now my best friend. We speak rarely, but when we speak, it fuels me to go forward, gives me new ideas, we love each other, and I treasure this relationship. The One is still out there, which I will find on my life path.

I am a business woman, love romance, and love being creative. Hence, I am a filmmaker.Β 

I am feminine with lots of vulnerability. I am soft, sweet, kind, intelligent, well groomed.

I finally love myself, everything that comes with it. I love my inner child, my drive for something new all the time. It’s fine, I love it. I always find the spice of life.

I love being with family and having a family business. I love partnership.

I can be super intense and super light. I have moods, it’s all okay.

It’s all good, love life, Amen.

I’m fine with not knowing

I like to live as if there is a blank page everyday. Not knowing what will happen tomorrow, works for me the best. Living life fresh, it’s now all in me, don’t need to think about it. Just being. Losing the battles and win the war is what I care about, don’t need to win the arguments, just being.

I am grateful for my life, grateful what I have. Living with my sister, is enough. I’ll take life as it comes. It’s great as it is.

I love romance, but I know it will come when the time is right. Don’t need to talk much. I’m fine with what I have.

Tomorrow is a mystery, I love that. I just go with the flow, wherever the wind takes me, that’s where I go. I trust God.

I realize that you are my soulmate, you’re my best friend till I die, but not the one

It’s so weird and strange. I love you a lot, 6 years ago I always said that I wanted friendship, now you’re the one offering me your friendship. You’re value my friendship a lot, that’s what your saying. I’ve always wanted that. we can be silly together with each other, we love each other, we stare at each other with love. We inspire each other to live the best life.

I love you and by talking to you, I understand that I already am living the life. We know each other now for 8 years. I know we’re soulmates. It was hard to understand that you are not the one. I thought then what’s the point of keeping the friendship, now I know what you thought 8 years ago. But I guess I really love it when you call and tell me your stories. I love being with you.

Either way I was fine, but somehow it gives me meaning in life. I am glad you’re in my life. I accept it now, what comes to me, it’s fine. I love you, I always wanted a best friend, a male one. I even love you from the core, you’re conversations are cute. It’s sweet. ❀

You’re my best friend till I die, but not the one. That’s okay, I love you with all my heart. We’re lifetime friends.

It’s a complete lifestyle, I’m already there, it’s now about keeping the fun alive

How to sustain a business? How to have longevity?

It’s all about getting the best equipments to serve the product. But being cost efficient. Investing in the best tools and sharpen the skills.

It’s the billionaire mindset. Not investing in gadgets, only if necessary. But really going for quality, supreme quality and passion.

Keep it fun in life. Dance, laugh, have fun, going for movies.

It’s a complete lifestyle, I’m already there, it’s now about innovating on a consistent base, keeping the fun alive, going with what you stand for.

Intention. Contributing something meaningful.

The smallest things in life makes us rich

I’m so happy that I am in America, Los Angeles. It allows me to live the beautiful luxurious life everyday. To experience it, by being. I’ve learned the ins and outs of business here in America. It matches my passion and dedication.

In order to bring my company to a worldwide level, I have to showcase things that bring the passion out. It’s all about simplifying the costs.

I’ve got the capacity to reach big, but only if I purely see it in an objective way, that’s for me. I knew that it is all about life style and Los Angeles allows me to live my dream and live a beautiful relax life style. Just going outside and relaxing.

Happiness is not just in having a fancy car, which is contributing to a higher level of comfort of course, but for me happiness comes from the smallest things.

Lying around the swimming pool, loving someone, eating ice cream, going on a holiday with my family in Las Vegas, luxurious hotels and going to wonderful feast buffets at beautiful resorts.

Looking at the fountain of the Grove, looking at the flowers. Eating the best food, organic, healthy. Looking after myself, grooming myself.

My whole family is in it, supportive.

Having a top business is one thing, but sustaining it, that’s a whole other beast. God always presented budgets, he did not give at once a huge chunk amount of money. If he had done that, I would have already spend it on lavishing hotels, car etc. Holidays are happening but gradually, according to our budget.

It all comes down to money management and going with your own instincts. Doing your own thing, trusting the magic, trusting the flow.


Nourish the inner child!!

I am slowly accepting my inner child again. I almost let it die. I almost didn’t see the point of moving forward. Now because I am focusing on myself, working on self discovery, I see how important it is to nourish the inner child.

Now I understand how important it is to nourish it. America cultivates my inner child. I’m so happy I live here. and my life partner is getting my inner child out. Hahah I’m living again!!

Creativity is nurtured when our inner child is released! I didn’t know that, what a discovery! Hidden powers that I have!! Let it run and roam free. It will take me on a brighter journey, it will transform me, magic can happen!!

Wooohhooooo. Irritation, stubbornness, exciting, screaming out of excitement, holding him like like glue, being upset all part of my inner child. It’s okay, I’m letting it all flow now.

No more judgement, I’m just letting it all happen. Let it happen. Don’t make it happen, let it happen and I start seeing magic!

Yes, my soul is feeling alive again!!! Next thing I know might be irritated, but that’s all okay, no worries! I have also matured in some area’s of my life, so it’s all good. But with him I can completely let loose of my inner child!


I am learning to be a human being, with all the emotions that comes with it

I always kept running, if I felt hurt, but everywhere I went, still people could hurt, for any reason or no reason at all, unknown or known people. Usually people seem not even aware, or they don’t mean it that way. I have realized that if I cry, tears come out of my eyes, that means I am a human being. I am on Earth and that’s part of it. So is happiness, excitement, anticipation other emotions.

I have learned to breathe, turn to God, understand that God has got me. It’s okay, I remain and then I still be myself. To those I love, I hug them, I give love.

My cup is full, I have been with myself for quite some time, I did Runyon canyon on my own, swimming, core power yoga, yes I embrace solitude. But that doesn’t mean I should only live with myself. I have a lot of love to give.

I understand now that it’s about giving, immediately I come back to my essence which is love, giving unconditional love.

I am not running away any more from my emotions, blocking my tears and feelings. Happy and sad goes hand in hand. When I laugh out loud I cry, tears still come out of my eyes, but it is immediately followed up by love, because I can give love.

But if I exclude myself from others, I am not able to give love, give hugs, then I don’t see any point anymore in life.

See, it doesn’t matter what other say, or do, essentially God is the most merciful, he still gives. He always gives.

I am love. God is very kind to me, gives me everything, everything that is in my heart. I am receiving a lot from God. My cup is full and overflowing, so I can give love to my loved ones, to the one I love. Everyone I love.