Accepting what I cannot change and the courage to go and achieve, fulfill and embrace my true purpose. Being creative.

Going into the script, the novel, I’m revisiting the details of romance, love.

Looking at each other, drinking coffee at the cafe. Through circumstance this was abruptly taken away. I had a journey, a different one. But those precious moments, if they were more of them, of course I would continue to be in a relationship with that person. It shaped me,but I loved the experience, perhaps so much that Los Angeles was perhaps not in my radar at all. But I did the action of going for my career.

I have fought against destiny, believe me. I did. I was fond of that person, but I was going against the flow, which in consequence it hurt me. By the end of 2014, I surrendered to the will of God and went with the flow, shaping my destiny as it’s meant to be.

Accepting what I cannot change and the courage to go and achieve, fulfill and embrace my true purpose. Being creative.


So nice to swim in the evening

It was very nice to swim in the evening at 10 pm. Very relaxing. It takes me 15 minutes to get used to the temperature and then I jump. Unlike when I wake up, that I do immediately.

I’ve released some tension, now I’m going to hop in the shower, not talk, feel at peace. Completely going in zen mode.

Thank you for this beautiful, tranquil life. To be able to swim whenever I want, I have a swimming pool view, absolutely beautiful.

Thank you God.

Have a goodnight sleep you all!

QUESTION everything, that’s what I urge you all, the young generation, the new generation, please understand, that the new generation has the power now. Equal opportunities.

At last someone in this film industry is speaking the truth. In the West they are already exposing everything such as Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry of what goes behind the scenes. But Finally someone in Bollywood is opening the curtains. The so called Mr. Perfect, if that person, I don’t even bother to mention that guy’s name, if he has an inch of dignity left in him, he would come in public and apologize for his incomprehensible behavior. This is the typical way to do it for guys, demonstrate that the girl is mentally ill and the guy is off the hook. If this happened in the West, that guy could be sued in a second. Ms. Kangana has such a strong case, she could, if she want to sue the hell out of this person.

Now regarding nepotism, again, I’m grateful to God that this is also being questioned. Those star kids, flop after flop after flop, there cannot be even mentioned about a decent hit, because every article has been fabricated and bought. QUESTION everything, that’s what I urge you all, the young generation, the new generation, please understand, that the new generation has the power now. We all make them starts, but they are absolutely nothing, if we don’t watch their films. How dare they say that Nepotism rocks, this is a joke? The audacity that he has to say this even as a joke. Are they that ignorant, don’t they see the countless homeless people outside, trying to get a role, next to that so called producer’s office and he is not even looking at them. Those industry think so high of themselves, I’m telling you, if everybody suddenly decides to put the focus on themselves, no one would watch any films, and they are done, finished. There goes there ego. Ms. Kangana, brought the truth out and I salute her. She did everything on her own terms, now that’s a person to watch to, that is called inspiring.

Let’s finish this once and for all. I will NEVER watch one of those actors movies again, The public made them a star and we can easily take it away by NOT watching their films. I will support Kangana and inshallah may she rise to the top and stay there and surpass all the so called established production companies. May God grant her with so much knowledge and resources that indeed she can build her own eco system and change this whole system of’ just starkids can be in the Bollywood film industry’. This is a new era, the shift has happened, it is done. We all can make our own production company, cast ourselves and make our own films if we want to, the status quo has been challenged.

I don’t get something on the promise of better performance. I get something only by demonstrating better performance. Plant the seeds!!

Make myself worthy for earning 2,000,000 million a month, to be capable of spending 100,000 a day. It is possible.

Create, rehearse, exercise, dance, write! Put in the work!! Make myself worthy to get 2,000,000 million dollars!

I am slowly but surely getting my energy back. That makes me happy! Energy! How to get more energy? The way I used to, my perspective of life. I love life! Life is good. BOOM!!!

I don’t get booked on the promise of better performance. I get booked only by demonstrating better performance. Plant the seeds!!

Think as individuals

The urge to stand up for what is right and speak for the truth has been very strong from the beginning. Just because something is in the press and it is heavily promoted, or so called stars are being portrayed as they know it all, that is not true. Someone who is not in the press might be doing something significantly to contribute to society. This is not covered in the press.

Thank God the truth is coming out. Being Inspiring is a courageous step, it means that you are willing to speak up what happened, the real raw thing, which often times is not a beautiful story and then overcome it.

It is absolutely important to listen to your self and your own heart. Nobody knows better but myself. I am the solution to whatever might be happening. Think for yourself. Just because someone has a trillion amount of followers doesn’t mean that person is necessarily credible or is wise. Everybody on earth is learning and nobody is perfect, we are in essence human beings. Think as individuals.

Stand for your own truth, the real authentic thing, that’s what I leave with when I leave Earth, what have I done on this Earth, to contribute.

Spreading love and kindness, Amen to each and everyone who is standing for the truth and if you are right now in the position that no one is listening, I pray for you that you have the courage to go through it, you will over come every obstacle, God is with you.

God bless, much love

The Masterplan

Oh yes, when you lose a battle, you’ll find another way to win the war. It’s a plan for the long term, it will be huge. I have to trust it.

In 4 months it’s 2018. A lot can be achieved, I mean a lot. If I check in with my feeling right now, I feel excited, anxious, persistent, determined, vulnerable. Mixed emotions.

Letting go, it’s all about the journey, the process.

The process and the action in its self is already fulfilling. That’s how I can test if I’m going in the right direction.

We all have different lifepath numbers. Once you tap into your lifepath number, everything else becomes easy. everything becomes accessible, you let go, get freedom and suddenly have everything. See, it’s all about what’s fulfilling our soul.

My lifepath number is 3. I am highly creative, that comes natural to me. I don’t run for things, it comes to me.

When I stay late at night, working on my production company, it’s because I love to do it. I am not doing it for myself. I’m doing it for my soul. My soul has made a commitment to God.

I’m trusting the signs of God and going with the flow. Yesterday I was also creative because I created a podcast with my sister. I am learning and creating.

This is truly what makes me fulfilled. Everyone is on a different journey, this is mine, it’s a clear path. One focus. Supreme focus. I am taking the steps towards my lifepath number now. Remove myself from self-doubt, going into my creative talent and boost up my financial wealth.

Creation = fulfillment = happiness and joy.

Everyone is successful as long as you are in line with your own purpose and own pace. Someone else’s success does not limit my success. It all boils down to time. There is a lot of time, that’s the secret. It’s about how do you use it.

Every choice we make is never certain, so why not take the risk and that choice, if it’s never certain. Take the calculated risk with confidence. it’s not certain anyway. IT doesn’t matter just go for it. Because if you don’t go for it, than it’s for sure not certain.

The process and the action in its self is already fulfilling. The goal that I set for myself is fulfilling, that’s how I can test if I’m going in the right direction. You measure it, is it fulfilling you on a day to day basis. That’s how you measure it. 

I’m stepping in and will put all of my focus into creating, making magic happen.

My lifepath number is 3. Creating comes very easy to me. The challenge is to overcome my self doubt and earn from my creative talents. I know I can, I’m stepping in and will put all of my focus into creating, making magic happen. I was born with a Leonardo Davinci in my house.

If I want something, I will get it. Because once I put my mind to it, I do it with care and love. And that purity is beautiful.

Going for Supreme Focus.

Embracing my luxurious taste

I am able to turn things around. I am able to be successful with my creativity and earn from it. Enough is enough, I finally at a place, where I can listen to my own thought. I love luxury, that is something I truly love, I love luxurious fabrics and products. I love high quality.

I am aiming for a luxurious car and my goal is to get that by the end of 2018. Within a year, I would like to get my Mercedes. I am so done with uber. Dealing with grumpy drivers who cannot drive.

Driving is fun and it’s easy. I have a driving licence, I know what I am talking about. I moved from Europe 5.5 years ago, I had a car, left it all for my dream. Now 5.5 years later, I am ready to for my car, I’m ready to drive. I feel so strong about it, so empowered by the thought of finally having my own car. And not just a car, a Mercedes Benz and pay it in full. It’s not about what’s cheaper, it’s about what’s more efficient. Yes, I have to deal with parking, that’s fine, I have patience, I’ll do it. I want variety in my life. That’s why I want to pay it in full and give myself a year time span to acquire the funds to get there.

I still choose hotels over air bnb. I love hotels, because I love luxury. I am embracing it. I love it. And hey I am working for it.

I am able to make a living with my creativity. Let’s own up to it, I can. I love what I do, I’ve worked to get to this stage, to create my whole life, while also tasting luxury. That is in my life path, I want it. What I want, is what I get. I really want this. I’m going for what I want.

It makes me happy, and I have to go for my need. Just being in a luxurious car, driving in it, in the morning, love it. Finally, it’s all about feeling liberated, empowered, rich and established


Being in a position where I think why bother to compete, is actually liberating.

Being in a position where I think why bother to compete, is actually liberating. At some point, in 2013, I thought: ‘I don’t think I will get the lead anyway.’ For me it takes the pressure off. So I got the lead.

with maths, I knew it was easy and I could do it. So I didn’t care of being the best, because i knew I could do it, I was enjoying life as well and everything went well. It was amazing.

I would like to make a peaceful living, beautiful, peaceful, tranquil. Without the race, without the sense of competition, on my own terms, with a peace of mind. And then when external factors are saying things and comparing and I see others getting result, than I get distracted. 😦 But I don’t want to have the mentality that I’m doing it for someone else. Not anymore. And then when I’ve achieved it, I’ll be saying: ‘Heyy, look at me, I’ve achieved it!’ Ofcourse everybody is in a different life style. Time doesn’t stop, people will have their own lives. It’s not that they’re waiting for me.

Just because things aren’t captured on screen or picture or for press, doesn’t mean that it’s less important. I can only do my best. It takes time. But like I said, I don’t want to achieve things just to show. I want it for myself, because I want to because I have a mission in life, but it has to come from a genuine place. Can’t fake it. There is no race. I don’t want to be in the race, I want to feel abundance and do something because I want to.

I know I’m great if I don’t compare.