Creating is my core, true love is an add on

Creating is my core. Powerful relationship, true love is a beautiful add on. I already have a beautiful amount of self love. I love life and I love myself. I have love to give.

It’s something I have to remind myself, as soon as I think about my true love, then I tempt to think when is that person going to give me.

But I become sad in the long term, waiting for someone, anyone or anything, makes me sad, there is no life afterwards.

Instead, thinking about what can I give, right now in the moment? What I have, is a gift for creating. So that is something I can do right now. Yes, it’s not for me, I don’t feel anything, but not utilizing this gift, is doing injustice to myself and what God has given to me.

I can create till infinity, it keeps flowing. There is abundance.

And because I have utilized my core, which is creating, I have received beautiful gifts from God. Healthy food, a beautiful house, beautiful family, living in a beautiful city, true love. These are all beautiful things in life.

I already have everything and I am grateful for this life and this moment.

Much love


The key to a powerful relationship

I have come to understand that the power of a relationship lies in yin and yang, at least for me. Being polar opposites, can be challenging, but it definitely has it’s beautiful ups, which keeps me loving this relationship. It makes me grow.

See, I can’t play safe, then it means I haven’t lived at all. Yes it keeps me occasionally on my toes, I am alive all the time, but I have also learned to ground myself and turn to God. I am growing as a human being. Which I thought, I have already learned everything. I guess I am still learning a lot of things about being human.

Spiritually I am learning a lot. Spiritually I am growing. My parents were twin flames, I have seen it happening, their relationship was challenging from both sides. But I am best friends with my mom and my dad, so I know where they are coming from. They are a very powerful couple. I look up to them. Not knowing that I also have a twin flame.

And I wanted harmony! Peace and harmony, but I have it, it’s all up to me. to keep the peace and harmony, that is all up to me. That has nothing to do with other people, it all lies with me ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s remaining it, balancing it, turning to God. Amen.

Understanding that giving also means, giving space to someone

My task is not to seek answers of why things are happening to me the way they are happening, why I have what I have. That is not up to me.

My task is to understand that I am already fulfilled, I love life and it’s simple pleasures. I understand now the purpose of my twin flame union. It’s about giving love, unconditional love. Understanding that giving also means, giving space to someone.

Give. I am one with the Universe, I am one with God. I have been given a lot by God and receive a lot of gifts from God. I get the most beautiful gifts from the Almighty. So for me on earth it is about giving. How much can I give….

I started to think again about what can I get out of this, when will I receive from people, things. But I am already receiving all the goodness of life from God. It’s about being kind to people, giving to people.

Everyone is worthy, everyone deserves love and kindness, peace and harmony. Tapping into the simple pleasures of life.

I just went swimming and it was a complete zen moment. Being one with the Universe, gives me a lot of peace and harmony.

That’s all I ever wanted, having peace and harmony with myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ And naturally the rest will follow, peace and harmony with my family, love, friends.


Powerful love is coming my way

Love is love. Powerful love is coming my way, I feel it. I trust it. We love each other immensely. Yes, I have always loved you, always. I always wanted to be with you.

I would have never left you, but true love never dies. You waited for me. It’s destiny, it’s meant to be, you are my twin flame. We are meant to unite. My parents are twin flames and we are too. It’s very powerful.

It’s amazing, I got my true love. And we’re taking as much time we need. All in divine time.

I trust God’s timing, I trust your timing.

I love life, I love everything, I love nature, most importantly, I love you.

It’s meant to be.

Living life, moment to moment

True love. Something that I am experiencing. I’m living in the moment, I have to. I don’t know what the future will be, the only thing I can say is that I am living each moment right now. So it becomes an experience.

Living life, moment to moment. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, who I will be. I don’t know.

All I know is that I take all the opportunities that are coming my way. Nothing is for certain, the only thing that isย  certain is this moment. This very moment.

I am lucky to experience true love, but I don’t know if it is mine or not. I had an image of life, letting it go. I just follow my heart, my intuition and going with the flow. Whatever the Universe is presenting to me, I take it. Moment to moment.

I love working with family

I believe in working as a team, but an intimate team, not too many people. Just a few you can trust, working with family is the best, and I’m grateful to have such a support, my sister and I and both of my parents, we’re all working together for our family business. ๐Ÿ™‚



Creativity is all I’ve got, going for my gift

I am not doing it for myself, I am doing it for the great or good. For my future children, for the generation to come. for love.

I don’t know ifย  I will get any credit in this lifetime, but I need to bring my creativity out. Honestly right now there is nothing else I can do right now other than working on my book. I don’t know where it will bring me, but this is it. I just didn’t believe I could, I am just taking the steps, this is all I’ve got. To create, it’s the only thing I can do right now. that doesn’t require waiting for something or someone else. Just doing it.

I don’t know what it will bring me, but I honestly don’t think that’s the point anymore. I am again not choosing for myself, but for the gift I have been given. Utilizing the gift that God gave to me.

I don’t see the whole staircase, I’ve never seen it, but I am taking steps, step by step. And as I’m taking the steps, I am certain things will unfold.

I know, because I have seen it happening. Because with God anything is possible.

Enough with my self pity and dimming my own light, I’ve got to believe again it’s possible

Enough with my self pity and dimming my own light and soul. Enough what other people think.

Even when I fail, I will definitely fail if I don’t do it. I will try at least, to go 100 percent forward with love. With conviction, belief it’s possible.

I have to belief it’s possible, Even when no one beliefs in me, even when no one is look at me. even when I am completely alone with my belief, even when I am the only one who believes, the only one, so be it.

So be it. What is done cannot be now amended. But what can be, it’s all in my hands. It’s all in my hands. I belief that I have magic in my hands, I do.

God has gifted me with creativity, I must use it. Even when I am all alone in this, I must do this, I must.

It’s something I’ve never imagined owning, but I must. I always wanted to be an actress, but I am am an artist, I can do many things, I am a business woman.

I love merchandise, I always have. And I love filmmaking. It’s as if Disney is inspiring me. Walt Disney, what an inspiration. Truly an inspiration. I can only look up to Walt Disney. At least do a glimpse of what that men has accomplished.


Being an artist is a noble job

I feel at times so alone, so alone in this journey, of putting my creativity out in the world….will it work? What if it only reaches one person?

Being an artist is a noble job. I am doing this for all the souls out there who are yearning for something genuine, something beautiful. For children or adults, anyone who wants to get connected to the magic that life has to offer.

It’s selfless. But I can’t wait for the One anymore, my life will pass me by, if I keep waiting. I am doing this to contribute to the world.

Even when I die alone, not meeting the love of my life, it’s okay, I will meet him in another lifetime. It hurts a lot, it really hurts, but it’s okay, what can I do. I can’t force it. I just can’t. And I can’t deny my own identity, I came here to do something for the world. And if that means, it’s alone, in a sense, without the love, passion that I have with the one, it’s okay. I keep you in my heart with me.

But I have to choose for myself. for my soul. I cannot let my soul die, just because you’re not physically with me. I have to do this, in the name of love and faith.

God give me strength to keep going, to keep moving forward. Please, please give me strength.

Keeping it all in balance, family, career and love

Loving yourself is a process. I am finally beginning to love myself for who Iย  really am. I love family and love to have a family business.

I am a Libra so I love to balance things out, it comes easy to me. I thrive when I have all three, family career and love. There is no arrival point in this, it’s the journey that makes it worthwhile.

I have seen I am not just a career girl, or just a family girl, or just going for romance. I am going for all three. All simultaneously. All at the same level, to me it is already there. I already got everything, it’s all about the balance.

I am working on 5 projects together with my whole family. And keeping love in my heart.

Whatever I do, love is in it.

I am smelling the roses, taking it easy, there are lots of opportunities, there is more than enough, living in abundance.

Balancing this beautiful life, thank you God. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the gift of love.