Trust is treasure

Today I have realized what trust can do. What trust means. Trust that this path is the right path. I worked smart, not hard, so I got here pretty fast, at a very young age. Spirituality, silence makes me at peace.

I’ve been grown up with culinary food. A luxurious life style. Materialism is nice, it can be awesome and it is, but there is fine balance. Because it doesn’t make the heart happy at it’s core. What makes us happy is trust. Trust makes me do a lot of great things.

It’s a beautiful life. Time is infinite. There is no rush. Take it easy.

Cooking represents luxury. ‘There is no time to cook.’  I used to say that on a frequent basis, I though cooking is a waste of time. But cooking helped me feel relaxed, it puts me at ease.

I trust. period. Thank you God.


I am creating my own platform

Good Afternoon,

I woke up early at 9 am, to have a morning walk together with my sister. When I was walking outside I could see the beautiful scenery. I knew how fortunate and blessed I am. It was a gratitude walk.

I already have what I want. And invest in my art. When I was in Amsterdam I was earning a lot. I knew that I wasn’t growing. What I thought was a lot, I realized here in America, that knowledge and experience is priceless. Knowledge about Health, to have longevity, you can’t put a price on that.

Art reminds me that I have a soul. Art reminds me of the beauty in life.

There are platforms where I can show my art. It keeps me growing. My soul is fulfilled. I have an ability to touch a soul through my art. It is exceptional ad extraordinary. I couldn’t live just by earning, for the sake of earning, going on a holiday, then coming back to ‘home’, then earning, it’s a system. I want to live as if I’m on a holiday forever. And I am. This weather, it’s a blessing. I appreciate it. Everything.

I am creating my own platform. I am taking the steps. I am exactly where I’m meant to be. Exactly.

The beautiful flowers, palmtrees, it’s beautiful.

What I give to others, it comes back to me, so I give what I want to give

I’m creating, spreading love and kindness, that’s what I would like to get from the universe, so I give. Simple.

What I give, I get.

Real love, real life. And using my strong willpower, to live the life I want, which I have.

By doing, by actions. Digesting less media, exhaling more content, making more content, being more creative, that makes my soul happy.

The present is in my power. It’s in my power, I can enjoy now. Not when I have it, I already have it. I always had it.

Good night ❤

Believe in something big, Trust, this whole life is build on trust

Good Afternoon sunny berries,

Trust, this life is build on it. What would I do, if I had everything, I would enjoy life. I would live abundantly. It’s all a mindset.

I already have everything and all I can do is create. Create it, make magic happen.

I can’t wait for things to happen, I make it happen. It’s a trust. Also to enjoy life.

Life is meant to enjoy. Live life.

Doing my best without trying too hard. Just living life, is important.


You know what I’ve learned? That one thing doesn’t lead to the next, because God doesn’t bargain, he gives regardless

God doesn’t bargain. So it doesn’t work like that. If I do this then I will get that. No, it really doesn’t work like that. I’ve got an award, so now automatically work is going to come. or vice verse.

There is no right way, no straight way, it goes completely unexpected. If leisure presents itself now, or love presents itself now, it’s easy it’s accessible, or career, take it in the moment. Just go with the flow.

Everything is already determined. Everything. It’s set. It’s done.

It’s not up to me, I’m not doing it for myself, It’s selfless. By persevering, by doing what I’m meant to be, I’m giving hope, I’m radiating perspective, because I’m doing this. I crossed the ocean, to do this and God is helping.

God gives regardless. All I can do is take the steps, that’s it.

It’s Thursday, we’ll see, but all I can do is keep creating, keep giving.

With love

Hiking reminded me what the essence of life is

Good Evening stars,

I was mentally exhausted, thought to much. It was time, to go in nature and hike. Leave the ‘work’ behind and just be one with nature. I had to figure out why I am here in the first place.

I hiked and walked all the way to the top of the hill at runyon canyon. Before I arrived at the top, those 30 seconds prior to that was very painful. My legs hurt, it was only for 30 seconds, but I could have stopped and go back. I didn’t. I just persevered. I was happy that I did it. Because in that pain, I gained.

It reminded me of something. At that moment, I couldn’t analyze, contemplate, think of what the purpose is etc. At that moment there were to options, continue or go home. That’s it. Simple.

At the top, I closed my eyes and let the wind hug me. I felt a new energy coming to me.

Making deals, e-mailing, results, those things  really are mentally painful things to do, because I don’t have the response under control. I’m not creating there. But with sports, I have to exercise, I have to do it, some things I just have to do, without thinking. And sports remind me of that. An athlete mentality. Don’t think, do.

Very important. Do more, think less.

So I did. Which I’m doing now 🙂 Just keep doing it, keep sailing the boat. If I just keep at it, I might catch a big fish. Basic probability, I’m increasing my chances.

Have a beautiful night, sweet dreams 🙂

I’ll be honest, I’m overwhelmed at the moment


It’s Sunday 14th of May, I’ll be honest I’m overwhelmed. I’m digesting a lot of information, but not producing anything right now. I’m overwhelmed how people are moving ‘fast’, I mean it seems like that. Can I ever reach ‘there’? I know, God constantly shows me that I am already there, everything that I want is inside of me. Hmmm. Somehow I need to explore that. I do need a break and see what I am capable of. the past is gone, it’s a new day everyday. A new beginning.

Based on the past I can say that I am doing a great job, never thought I could reach this far. But to do more, seems a bit overwhelming and almost impossible. I takes step by step. But it seems so big right now. I don’t know where to start now. I can’t see it and I never can see it. The only thing I can do is moving forward.

I want a roadmap to success, so that I can see where I am going with this. America does make it possible.

I’m really stuck at this point, don’t know what to do and quite honestly never see the point of something. I analyze a lot. Somehow I got here, by doing, not thinking. It didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t logic, it was intuition. I followed that. Intuition doesn’t make sense at all.

My heart wants this more than anything in the world, but I also need a break……

I have to let go.

I did get success, result, but in a different way, God knows

What’s not visible to the public eye, is visible by God and God’s eyes, approval, is the greatest reward I can have.

God gave me the greatest gift, he is still behind me, supporting me in this dream. He believes in me. He has faith in me. So I have to honor it, respect it.

Everything is going as it is supposed to go, it’s going God’s way. Exactly the way, it should.

Thank you God. I will take the steps, the rightful step to continue.

In God we trust.

Everything I need, is already in me

I’m over my gloomy period. I’ve pushed it through. The only thing that sets my soul free is ART. I love art. I love acting, self expression. I love it. I’ve always loved it. My soul yearns for it. This is what I set out to do. It is absolutely done. I have to do it. Everything is already in me, everything.

I never felt it, I felt lost, down, I went to the only thing I could do, I wanted to do, without any result, just reading a script, playing, drawing. I will give time to the simple things in life, what really matter to me, which always have mattered to me.

Whatever happened to me, the good, the bad, it was necessary, to come here, to this point. Otherwise I wouldn’t know, how to do it, how to continue, how to keep going. I want to, it’s the only thing I can do right now. The only thing.

See, if I had all the money in the world, I could escape, and delay the whole thing. And I do want money, but not working for it, but working for me, for my goal. Because then I can truly feel at peace. I have to do it. It’s the only thing I can truly give to the world, my energy, my perspective, my positivity, my value. My value is entertaining the audience with my art. Self expression.

It was easy, it is easy. But everything has it’s time and place. It takes time, but it’s something I just want to do. I keep going. I trust you God.

I’ve got everything I need. EVERYTHING. It’s all in me. Love, power, passion, intelligence, art, creativity, everything, I need, I have.

Thank you God for making this path clear, thank you God, you know exactly what I need, what I want.

Thank you.

Action speaks volume

Good Afternoon Sun shines,

I have made it through my gloomy days. Always that period of time at the end of the month. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Life has taught me how to deal with it. Just do the actions if I would “feel” it.

Because of the leakage in the previous apartment and making a film, both of my credit cards are now ‘full’. But this country allows me to still make things happen, still enjoy and gives me perspective.

Writing this is such a relief. Also after reading Duv Churney’s (former CEO from American Apparel) story, gave me even more perspective. The lovely guy still has to pay more than a million back to whoever he owes. That doesn’t stop him from reinventing himself and making a new company. Making it bigger and better. Love it. We only live once.

So, step by step I’m doing what I have to do, including taking time to rest, taking time to swim, eating macaroons.

Two days ago I swam, it was a physical relief, distresses my body. I looked up, saw the moon, it was beautiful.

Paying myself first.

My actions should be if I had “everything”. And I do have it all.

I’m going to drink some Columbian coffee. 🙂

Put faith into action