Truth will come out eventually, just work with integrity and rise effortlessly

You can’t grow a tree artificially, and if you can, it will be noticeable that it has been grown artificially.

Please be careful in believing pr etc. Things can be exaggerated, if it’s making half a million, fine, you can say millions. But fooling the audience, I just have no words.

I’ll be honest, when the life of pr was revealed to me, I thought, I can claim in anything, publish articles and claim anything what I want. Because it is so accessible. Thank God I didn’t. You can make something bigger, but lying, I mean bluffing, I get it. in meetings we can bluff.

But when I was fooled when I read those articles and I believed it and when I came to America, I realized that it was a lie, I felt sad. Because I thought that I wasn’t successful and I had to reach that status. Meanwhile, I already had reached that status, I was even more successful then all those people in press.

I don’t know who I am, until I reach the end. Being at the top, now I see everything.

I’m so blessed, I am highly educated, studied at one of the top universities in the world. I truly have everything.

See, in business, content is king. and concept is king. Don’t need to bluff. Don’t need to lie that I am in LA and have designed something and then sell it elsewhere, this is the truth, I am living it, no bluff needed.

Thank God that the truth has come out from those people who bluffed so much, I don’t even call it bluffing, this is a chronicle lie, like saying, my mother is Melania Trump. I mean come on.

Truth will come out eventually, just work with integrity and rise effortlessly. Work with dedication, we all can make it, some do it quickly, with some it takes time, that’s fine, but we all are unique.

Develop the great qualities, and it will be fine. I am confident about this. Because I’m doing it, living it.

I am truly living the dream. Real and authentic, not boasting about it, I just am. 🙂

My fridge is full of organic food; God bless!

There was a time when my fridge wasn’t full, where I was praying for good food, organic, raw, without pesticides. That time has arrived. I’m so happy, my fridge is completely full now, with local food, organic.

Per month we spend around 500 dollars for two people for food, which includes farmers market. I support local farmers. It’s great quality food.

In the near future I also would like to have my own car. But everything will come gradually. Right now I can afford amazing food and uber 😉 And I live in West Hollywood, do I need to say more 😉

My fridge is full, yes! Health is wealth, that’s what I’ve realized by living in America. Truly health is wealth, the more quality product I eat, the more my body is glowing.

Have a beautiful Saturday, eat healthy! 🙂

4 days without social media, without comparing, what a bliss and I became ultra productive

4 days ago I started my 4 month-challenge, to be in harmony with myself, to only focus on myself and my needs.

After 4 days, I went to my old habit!

And after 4 days my natural character became alive. Ohh, even if it’s 0.01 percent out of focus, I’m done.

I’m learning and growing to become my original self again. It took me 4 days without social media, to get there, but then again, I fell into my habit.

Sad. But I can start again. This moment, starting over.

Those 4 days was a bliss, I was so productive! I hiked every day, danced, I did a lot of physical activity.

We have so much time, there is so much time in one day. I was only focusing on my own needs. Cooked again, which also makes me happy.

Also I practice silence, not reacting on anything, not saying anything, because I became too expressive. My jaw hurts.

I’m going to sleep, good night!

Shining bright

Earth needs every cel to keep the itself balanced. If everyone is happy, earth is radiating energy. It’s loving. Love gives energy. Love gives peace. Focusing on yourself only gives life purpose.

The ‘ system of school, career, achieving’ is only 100 years old. The industrial revolution started between 1820-1840. That’s only 177 years back. It’s a system that we have control over. We live in an excellent era. Where we can relax as human beings and where we can enlighten one and other.

By giving someone else light or when it shines your light is shining brighter, because of good blessings. Think big and think objectively, it gives clarity.


My four month challenge of being appreciate of what I have

Good Evening,


I understand now what I have, the gifts that I have received. From Amsterdam, to California. Truly living the dream. This is truly what I want. Going after it.

I have a lot, I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful that I also can give. Supporting local farmers.

I’m living my dream in California, doing what I love to do. I have the beauty and the brains.

But more importantly, I have God inside my heart, that makes me harmonious, happy and radiating energy from the inside out.

It’s a constant practice, feeling harmonious. Balance my life.

Today is the start of something new. to appreciate what I have. What I have achieved.

Thank you.

The loving find love and they never have to seek for it.

Those that go searching for love only make manifest their own lovelessness, and the loveless never find love, only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it.

Challenging myself for this year, to be more harmonious, that is my essence. Being more composed and balance and love myself. Taking care of myself. Going for my needs. It’s 12 of August. 4 Months challenge, before the end of the year, I would like to be incomplete harmony with myself.

Have a beautiful Saturday my friends.


Embracing my ambition, version 2.0

Good Morning my delicious strawberries,

I woke up with a burst of doing something, working towards something big. I’m embracing my ambition 100%. This is who I am. It took some time to connect with my ambition. When I hung out with a particular person, it affected me. hurt people hurt and lovely people love. When I see other people continuing and moving forward, I thank God that I moved forward.

I did not delay my journey. Yes there were lots of distractions coming my way, which is fine, I am human after all and that’s the way I learn. When I faced a setback in 2013, which is 4 years ago, that’s where it hit me. I had to fall, to rise up higher than ever before. This ambition is my best friend, this burning desire, inside of me, as long as that is alive, I have me.

There is no ceiling, I can go higher and higher and higher. That’s why I’m on earth. But of  course, with integrity and being human.

I’m already doing charity. Charity means helping. I’m supporting local farmers and always buy there food. Organic.

What charity do I do? I’m supporting local farmers. So yes, I am ambitious, but  version 2.0, keeping humanity in tact. Not just for pure capital gain, but really moving forward to something big.

I do see the bigger picture and thank God for that. Thank God I have this, this is me.


When I’m in nature, I’m fulfilled.

Good Morning,

I just went hiking and some pure thoughts came to me, straight from nature. I looked up to the mountain, trees, it was absolutely beautiful and serene. How come I feel so full when I hike, when I am in nature? And when I am back from the mountain, desires of ‘becoming’ something, making a business, becoming a billionaire….

I guess I am human and it is normal that these desires are in me. Thank God that I do go into nature. I’m glad that I have these desires in me, I am ambitious and I can’t resist or ignore it. I love what I do.

I don’t know where this is leading to, or  where this is going, but all I know is that God has put this is me, I have to complete it in order to find out.

I love being active in the morning, swimming, hiking. Life makes sense to me. Then the things after, I just do it, without thinking, just doing it. I don’t ask myself, where is this leading to etc. Don’t need to be too analytical.

There are so many possibilities, unbounded potential. Things that I haven’t tapped into it yet.

Everyday I wake up early now and do something for my company, I have a vision. One step at a time. For a month, I had a break, just did leisure, now I am going for something, putting all my energy in myself, in my vision. A vision that I received from the universe.

I don’t know if I can do it, but that is not up to me. God has put this in me, he is giving me the power to do so, so that’s what I’m doing.

My energy is big, once I put attention to it and put it all on myself, I get instant results. INSTANT.

Society makes me want to look at others, perhaps they know something. Nature doesn’t. Nature lets me be, as I am. I’m fulfilled in nature. So again, I don’t know the end result, purpose, but I do know that God has put this in me, so I’m going to follow my intuition and we’ll see where this road takes me.

Have a wonderful day!


In the midst of all, I have to trust my own vision

I am so overwhelmed, really overwhelmed by how fast people take things over, copy and run it like it’s own. they are catching up.

In my country I used to be one of the few people, actually read only one, who talked about ambition. it is overwhelming, that now there is an explosion of that topic going on in my country. Jesus.

Pause, STOP: I just took my script what I’m working on, into developing a screenplay for a feature film. That is what I want to do, that is my desire. The way I am going to do it. No one has walked this path before, I’m writing on my own canvas, I’m creating a new canvas. I can’t do what other people have already done, I can only do my own thing.

The tune what is going inside of me, I have to dance, sing, act my way. Trust my vision.

Everyone is reaching far, it’s scary, it’s intimidating, it’s as if they are close. BUT, I have the greatest force behind me, God. If it’s destiny, it will happen.

How will I allocate me resources, how can I find people who can make it what I wanted it to be.

Location, music.

Step by step.

What I just realized is what makes me unique is my cultural heritage, my look, see it doesn’t matter how many people copy or do the same things as me, I will always be an original. I will always be unique, my features are different, one of a kind.

There is no need to worry, just I have to trust, and work on my vision, make it practical and real.

Bhagavad Gita; meaning of life, enlightment

The sun belongs to the whole world, it perhaps doesn’t shine on everyone at the same time, but everybody gets its turn.

Find God in the practice of our daily world. Such awareness calls us to live in the  moment and brings with it the possibility of finding great spiritual joy.

From pursuing my dream, my career, I became fully aware of myself, not to live in an illusion and found myself through this journey. I have embraced yoga and always was gravitating towards spirituality.

I didn’t know that the Gita was arranged as a conversation between the soul and God, Arjuna and Krishna.

The art of yoga: how to live and act in a way that leads to liberation and to union with God.

What value have power, happiness or life itself, when the ones with whom I would share them- teachers, grandfathers, fathers, sons, grandsons, uncles and brothers, are here to lose everything and die?

When families are one, traditions and duties appear and as a result morality spreads.

How terrible that our own greed for earthly power should drive us to such controlling deeds as the destruction of our own families.

The spirit inside the body is eternal.

We are the new generation, becoming one with nature, caring about humanity. We are nangi ( in hindi naked) babies.
I only want to wear sustainable fabric, sustainable cotton.
Fabric that feels nice on the skin.
Food, raw and organic that is good for health and skin.
I don’t eat cow. Only fish, turkey and lamb.

Inner concentration and stillness, called samadhi, is the first symptom of the enlightened soul.

I am enlightened.