Listen to the mountains, I’ve always got the answers from there :)

Good Morning,

I always go to Runyon Canyon to express my gratitude to the universe. Also to get answers for my next step. In 5 years time span, this has always worked for me and whatever the mountain said to me, I listened and followed the advice. Sometimes I went against it, but eventually I listened to the advice.

As I was there at the top, I couldn’t believe the journey and still think how I did it. I just took the steps, that’s what I’ve learned. Step by step I’ve arrived here.

The mountains are so beautiful, the hills in Hollywood are breathtaking, today it looked magnificent. So green! So fresh, the air was so fresh.

I went from zero, from scratch to a whole other level. I always wanted to live in a country with mountains, palm trees. I got a feeling that I was in Dubai, in Germany. It is lovely.

Whenever I am stuck in decision making, I always got the answers from the mountains. My intuition is the strongest there, since there is no outside noise.

God knows and I surrendered, I go with the flow. Enjoying the journey and gliding from here.

I feel I exist the most when I do Runyon Canyon in the morning, I love it, it’s my meditation.

Let it all go, everything will present itself by taking the steps. And the mountains said today:

Enjoy the ride!

I will, thank you!


Don’t look back

After 4 years living at the previous apartment, coming from a very luxurious environment in Amsterdam and the first year, this experience has grounded me forever. No money, no big house could have taught me what the that apartment has taught me. It has taught me about true humanity, it has taught me about life. I will take this experience and engrave it and take it with me for the rest of my life. It has taught me the true meaning of life. Which is being in harmony with myself is true happiness.

There is not better than here. The present is the greatest gift from God, this is what I have. A home is not defined by big or small, it is defined by harmony and love. Which are priceless.

I use to fuzz about the smallest things not being done, I’ve learned my lesson and appreciate everything, we’re all human, all connected.

Don’t ever look at others, ever, I don’t know and don’t need to of how they are doing and how are they doing it, it’s how can I do it in my own authentic truthful way.

Appreciating my life, my pace.

Don’t look back.

Do, Act, Appreciate

I am living it, the dream ❤ for real. I have to look at my own journey, working on my own journey, that’s how I got successful in the first place. In hindi they say: Haar ke jeet gayi. Meaning: By losing, I won. I’ve earned it back. I can taste my home, the luxury again, I’m very grateful for this.

I’ve learned a lot. This is what we were used to. This view, the pool, the shower was all a dream, now reality. I understand life now, I understand God. Do, Act, Appreciate. I’m home, I’m happy, filled with joy and peace ❤

Happy Sunday! Very happy to be moved in a new apartment in Los Angeles, this is just the beginning. 🙂

It is time, going to a higher level

There is something pushing me out of this old environment, out of this status quo into a higher level. I thought I wasn’t ready, I guess I am.

I trust God, I trust my intuition and follow it. Not going against the force, but going with the flow.

I accept my destiny and embrace it. God is the giver and I thank you God for all the gifts.

Deep inside of me, I wanted this, I truly want to go to a higher level, a new beginning, dance, exercise, live more by taking the initiative to work out more.

I feel more alive, by doing that, I trust you God.


I see opportunities, I see perspective by working on myself

Hi munchkins,

I am so grateful and happy I made the right choice for myself. Even though my feelings often gets in the way, my actions are still progressive. I am doing exactly what I love to do, I am free of limitations and trust the journey.

I am ambitious and I am on the journey of accepting that characteristic about myself more and more. I have peace with the choices I made in my life. I am so happy that I went on with my journey.

When I look back, I can confidently say that I truly made the best choice. I went for my career, because I love it. I let everything go, the past and the future.

God has given me again the opportunity to live my dream here in Los Angeles. For a moment I wasn’t sure what would happen, but I have fallen in love with the beauty of Los Angeles. I love it ❤  I appreciate it.

There is no place like home, which is here in Los Angeles. I see opportunities, I see perspective. And that perspective comes from within, by taking the steps. Trusting God and experiencing  the journey of life. I don’t have to feel, I just have to take the steps. Push and take the steps.

I am working on myself to become a better person, being kind, appreciating and more loving.

I catch myself of going to the past, but then I remind myself to stay present. Look at what’s here in the now. I see beauty, I see perspective.

If I say long enough that I love my present, soon I will love my present. It takes practice. That would be my challenge, let’s see 🙂

Much love ❤

A new beginning, going with the flow

Hi sweethearts,

A new year, a new beginning has arrived. 4 years ago, I had to go from a very luxurious place to a place I did not want to enter. I had to downsize. But I learned a lot in those 4 years. I went to an apartment complex, that opened my eyes. I realized what life means. The true meaning of life. Which is not defined by money, status or circumstance. It is defined by my reaction. That is what I learned. When I had to downsize, we had to go to an apartment which was less expensive. The one that I wanted was still not in our budget. And I chose for the one I am in right now. After 4 years, I am able to go to the one I wanted.

I was pushed into a higher level and I am going now with the flow. I trust you God and I cannot deny the signs you have given me. You truly have the best intentions for me. I thank you God for that.

The time has come to go higher, to reach higher. It is my destiny, it is meant to be. I am going to another apartment complex after living here for 4 years. It is time. This is the time.

My new year has begun. Next Saturday I am on my to my another apartment, the one that I was meant to be in 4 years ago. I had to learn. I had to learn what life is about. I’ve grown and understand that it is in my best interest to go with the flow.

Whatever you say God, I trust. I follow the best which is you God. I have seen time and time again, that you know better.

Happy New Year, let’s level up! 🙂

Accepting myself

I woke up at 6am and had an intense sexual desire. There was another person who contacted me, who I haven’t talked with ever since I had an honest conversation with myself. I realized that ‘flings’ are for me just temporarily dating, kissing etc. for them, those guys it has an impact. They do want more and want a real relationship. Which eventually I want to, but my first real commitment goes to my ambition, my career.

It’s a commitment, with that comes highs and lows, I am accepting that with my career. But with a relationship…I really want to commit and have a romantic relationship, but after holding hands and walking around, I want to do more. Exercise, dance, travel, more than just being in bed with each other. Also I have seen, in a relationship the guy  orders food for e.g. or reserve things, that is fine and I am holding hands, he is taking charge, but I felt I was losing myself.

So yes the desire of being sexual, having sex and being steamy in the room was huge, my imagination went wild into calling a former ‘fling’ up, since he was interested, but practically speaking, I do want a big luxurious kitchen, luxurious lifestyle, and I want it all and achieve it myself. Because I know I can, I want to be independent.

There is only 1% of the society earning 99% of the wealth. Because 99% of the society goes into temptation and is influenced by the media and certain people who only focuses about non-ambition topics. Do I hear the media talking about entrepreneurship? About getting my own house, luxury? Slowly but surely there is a movement going on of being ambitious, very grateful. But I want to hear more of people devoting their life to an amazing career which contributes to society. Of course within the journey if I meet someone and it feels right, but honestly and practically speaking, right now I have a friend and companionship, which is right now my sister. I cannot deny that. I have done it in the past, denying her and really wanted to have a ‘boyfriend’, I wanted to do everything with him, doing business with him, acting with him, cooking, working. But God has given me a sister. For so long I fought, I wanted a romantic relationship with a guy, my life would be beautiful, magical, holding hands. I saw my sister as a curse, rather than a blessing.

Until it hit me, when I was working on my visa, no one was there to help me. Only my sister, all the meetings with lawyers, agents, production rentals, no guy could help me, they didn’t have knowledge about it or I didn’t meet the guy. It doesn’t matter whether he has knowledge or not, just being there for me was enough. But most of them had an inner conflict themselves and put me down. I don’t blame them, everybody is dealing with something and letting it out in there own way.

When I was at Hilton Hawaiian with my family on my Birthday, it felt right, it was beautiful. We had our own private beach, top floor, Ocean view. That felt right to me, I didn’t feel a void. It’s funny when I look back, all of those people actually wanted the life I have. Because they thought that they couldn’t achieve it, they tried to get me out of it. For a while they succeeded.

I was hurt, he was hurt, we loved each other, now he is also working. It’s good to see that. I am ambitious, he wants to be. It’s okay. I am going my path.

Desires come and go. I picked one desire, my desire of succeeding and contributing. That feels right to me. I accept who I am. I accept that my soul yearns for something higher, larger than life. I haven’t accepted myself fully. I do want to go into just diving into a relationship, having sex, being in the room with him, forgetting about the world, I acted out on the temptation two years ago, but I felt lost and something of myself died. There is nothing wrong with doing that, absolutely nothing, but it is not me.

Thank you for this peaceful and loving year, now going into the year of fireworks

Hi my delicious sweets,

I wasn’t aware that it was holidays until I saw everyone at the Grove.That’s where it hit me, that we are at the end of the year. It’s going to be 2017. 5 years flew by, living in Los Angeles,

I can say that I lived in 2016, I took risks, I had to, I’m going all the way, if I don’t then the system will eat me up. I HAVE TO rise above the system and I am for the past 5 years.

I have enjoyed, travelled this year, it was amazing. 2016 was absolutely amazing. Whatever is happening, the pressure to move out, to a better living circumstance, going higher, it pushes me to go higher, to where ever I want to be. It’s all going to happen.

I didn’t wait for the resukt to hapoen, In fact, I kept going and took initiative. I’M facing the obstacles, actually going around it, to my goal. I promised myself in 2011 that I wanted to contribute, going out of my comfortzone. I know whatever I’m doing is in line with my destiny, because it feeks right.

I listen to my intuition. 2016 has been a beautiful year, lot of rest and peace. 2017 wil be a year of fireworks, bursting out the passion. I have to brace myself, I know God is pushing me from the glide, I’m going to take it and trust the unknown 🙂

I loved you 2016, a beautiful year, with lots of love.  I needed the rest, I feel 2017 is going to be something else, booming. Another level,skyrocketing, we’ll see. 😉 

Thank you 2016, love you, welcome 2017, Happy New Year, let’s see what you’re going to bring or rather what I will make of it 🙂 

I talked to you for a moment, it wasn’t you, but it felt like you


In the midst of the crowd, of my moodyness, I missed you and thought of you. Then an uber driver picked me up and there you were. Your voice, same. It would be nice if I actually could talk to you, but I’m not going to push it. I accept my destiny. 

It was someone else, but in that moment, I was present. It was nice. It was a nice moment, I really missed you. It was really nice 🙂

Talking in Hindi. But I let it for what it is. And continue with my life.

There is hope. That is enough ❤

My home, I love you so much, thank you for letting me stay for so long

My dear home, I love you a lot. I have been living in Los Angeles for 5 years, and for the past 2 years, I feel at home. This apartment that I’m in right now, has chosen me. And now it is letting me know that it’s okay to move on. Yes, I did want to go higher, but you were truly a home to me. I didn’t and actually still don’t want to leave you, no matter how many signs are telling me to let you go. I found myself here, my relationship with my sister professed here, I found my essence, my work. So many good things happened here. You have been good to me,  so kind. I felt at peace at this apartment.

I love you, thank you. I don’t know from here at the moment what will happen. But I do want to say that I love you my home. I truly love you. A home is not defined by money, it’s defined by harmony. And you have that. Thank you so much ❤ Thank you for so much love, that is what you have given me, my sweet home. I love you <3.

I got my beautiful visions here in this apartment, beautiful predictions, love and I felt the presence of God. Thank you, I love you. ❤ Happy holidays and thank you for loving me 🙂